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79 百年の生涯 (英語版)
吉田 美智枝 吉田 美智枝 [よしだ みちえ]

福岡県生まれ、横浜市在住。夫の仕事の関係で韓国ソウルとタイのバンコクで過ごした。韓国系の通信社でアシスタント、翻訳、衆議院・参議院で秘書、韓国文化院勤務などを経て現在に至る。自作のアクセサリーをBeads Duoというブランドで販売しながら、韓国の主に女性たちについてエッセーを執筆中。『朝鮮王朝の衣装と装身具』(共著)、韓国近代文学選などの翻訳がある。
▲ Beach in my hometown
Husbands auntwere from the same place too.
▲ How do you spend the time in your golden age?
▲ With husband\\’s aunt Kiyo san
in the wedding party of my brother in law.

The lifetime of 100 years”

Does not lack in age”
Ichiro said. Ichiro’s mother, Kiyo, my husband’s aunt in low, passed away age 100 years and 9 months this spring. The cherry blossoms were almost about to close.

The lady Kiyo san ... she is the my husband’s ancle’s wife. The first time I met her was when I was 21. I had been to the old house of my father’s friend several times, while I was in Tokyo to serch my job last fall of my school days. In the house, I used to be released and feel very confortable with my local language they spoke and the smell of local cuisine given by Kiyo san wearing a kimono, because I was nervous when I first went to Tokyo. The family was from my hometown.

I couldn’t find job I wanted, and I became to work at a company where my father’s friend was a chaiman. I wonder if this relationship is like this, because a few years later, I married his nephew.

My husband ’s aunt (ancle’s wife) was admitted to the hospital after a cold, and was told that she was preparing her meal by herself till the day before the hospitalization. Even if she used a walker, it was unexpected her who was soft and gentgent had such strength and greatness. I do not know the heart of the person who lived to the age of 100 or the children who nurse their parents, but the words of Ichiro were sorrowful.

The death of a close person causes those who are left to think about the meaning of life and the meaning of death. It allows them to meet relatives who have little chance of meeting even if they are related. She had 1 son and 5 daughter in her life. My husband saw her eldest daughter after 40 years since they had seen each other. In the sense of bloodshed, I was an outsider there. I found many faces resembling to my husband, which are cousins ​​and their children, and that it was blood.

A person’s life is 100 years long. A hundred years of life would be like a glimmer of light in a cosmic time. The husband ’s aunt might have has likewise experiences while she was alive.

There might be many things she wanted to give up and give up, sorrows, unhappiness between delight for her as whoever has. Has she passed through them in her own way?
All of them may be nothing after all. It is the life of a person who can not help but live for a moment at a moment.

The nearest person dies and then knew his / her life and personality. No, it is self-conscious to think that you know. But at least people feel like I know for sure what he/she left for them.

I knew for the first time on that funeral my husband’s aunt was working in Seoul during her youth, who lived close to the age of 101 was born in 1905 in 1906. It is a strange idea when we think the appearance of her on a young day in the Japanese colonial city of Seoul, when was the long time ago, where we spent our honeymoon. And it was also Seoul, which left a trace of the ”Joseon Dynasty” I pursued to make a book.

Without a child I know. LiLiving is a life as a son or daughter of a person, or a parent leading to the vertical axis of time... And the last day of my life, I will know the reality that there is no way to leave this world by surrounded with faces resembling myself like her.

But it is paradoxical, but it is not bad either. It would be nice if you could make something instead of your kids, because that’s another way to go through time(leading to the vertical axis of time).

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79 百年の生涯 (英語版)
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31 ベートーベンハウス
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28 辺境が好き 前編
27 白い猫
26 龍宮城伝説考
25 寄り道
24 花の旅笠
23 二村洞の人々
22 クヮナクの友人たち
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1 タイは「微笑の国」?
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